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Riraki the Raconteur, Tumblr IQ Society -- Just In Case You're *Somehow* Unaware

Tumblr IQ Society — Just In Case You’re *Somehow* Unaware

Some users have also reported phishing and “script overlays” that hijack your own Tumblr and overlay it with the IQ test. However, all we’ve seen is generic adverts asking for money and our test Tumblr is (so far) IQ quiz free.

It seems Tumblr are aware of the problemthey do know about the influx of spam regarding this, and that they have locked all accounts where this is coming from. He also says they are working on ways to stop future spamming attacks like this.

At time of writing, there are still accounts out there asking you to join the “Tumblr IQ Society”, so there’s clearly still a bit of work to do. If you see any of these spamblogs floating around, report them to Tumblr Support - a guaranteed way to pass the Tumblr IQ Test.

I’m very annoyed with them following me >=A.  I don’t get very happy checking out new followers anymore =/.


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