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Riraki the Raconteur, After lecture and taking photographs as rows, we...

After lecture and taking photographs as rows, we were out of class 30 minutes early today!  So I took this opportunity to visit the 99 cent store. 

Ran into my friend who I hadn’t seen in a while.  She had her boyfriend go to the back to retrieve the Cheesecake cake pop from her bag.  It’s delish btw.

After roaming for 30 more minutes this was what I left the store with and some other odds and ends. Originally I wanted to look for processed things to snack on so I could refill my retired “candy” bowl.  (Still waiting for Oreos to be in stock.)  I ended up buying what you see above.

The condiments were interesting so I snagged them.  Surprised they sold Mio.  The herbs I bought just to have it in case I do decide to experiment in the kitchen again.  I still have unopened spaghetti and pasta sauce or hell I could make a pizza with Bisquick.  I really need to do something with the chicken in the freezer, so dinner tonight shall be from one of these boxes lol.

Snoopy fruit snacks just because Chocobo and I love them.  =]  I miss food shopping with this guy.


  1. hiimjeck said: Those condiments look awesome. :3
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